Design and Build Jigs & Fixtures

Nearly half of the work we produce each year has to do with custom design and build of jigs and fixtures.  Each design project begins with an understanding of the customer's product, and how our design can assist in the manufacturing of that product, or verifying that it has been manufactured to specification.

Some jig & fixture designs that assist manufacturing often hold and locate the product during manual assembly operations, like driving fasteners or snap fit assembly.  Other jig & fixture designs are used to check product for dimensions manufactured to product print, location of key features, and may use sensors to check QR codes, bar codes, presence or absence components, or colored paint mark identification.

Whether holding parts during manufacturing, or inspecting to insure the product is correct, all designs incorporate the Allynn tradition of precision. Inspection jigs also include 3rd party CMM verification by an A2LA certified lab.


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